How can we expect the men to understand and support us with our problems when we fail to acknowledge the existence of theirs? As feminists, shouldn’t we try to stand up for both women AND men? Isn’t that what truly is gender equality?

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Being a woman, I may not know how well the shoe fits on the other foot but whenever a man reassures me that I can trust him, I realize how a small percentage of men have have soiled the reputation of the entire gender and that because of them every man is looked at with suspicion.

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feminism over powered my scare-wish and instead of walking out of the theater all scared and sweaty, I walked out with a social message.

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Masturbating, watching porn, masturbating while watching porn. We’ve all heard our male friends joke about it. Yet, why do we women shy away from even admitting that we watch porn. Maybe even more than the boys. Why can’t we make jokes about our vibrator stories or compare sex toys’ brands without going red in the face?

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Having the government decriminalize section 377 is the easy part. The hard part and the real fight is making each other understand and accept our differences. Love is love. It doesn’t matter who it is that you love, what color their skin is or how they worship their god. Whether they’re tall or fat. Or even whether they speak your language.

It doesn’t matter who you love as long as your love is genuine.

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We share this world 50-50 and we cannot live harmoniously unless we make an attempt to understand the other gender. Either thinks that they have it harder when the truth is that neither has it easier. Society forces ridiculous expectations on both genders and it is our job to fight through those stereotypes TOGETHER.

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If white countries guilty of slavery in the past can learn to accept the different colors that human skin comes in, why can’t India accept the different shades of brown that it’s own people come in?

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Don’t ask your son to ‘man up!’. Ask him to be a good human being. Telling your daughter that she’s like a son to you, is not a compliment. She can be your pride and be your daughter.

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There are billions of women out there and a period is just as usual and mundane for all them. When it’s such a normal thing for half the population of the world, why is it such an alien and uncomfortable topic to talk freely about? Why isn’t the other half of the world, and yes my dearest men, that’s you, not interested in knowing more about it?

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